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Kreyol.Com has been online since December 2nd, 1999 - this site was created to promote the learning of Haitian Creole. To be honest the site was created because the webdesigner was afraid he would forget how to speak Haitian Creole if he did not collect some vocabulary over time. Join us in our journey to keep our Haitian Hearts burning with vivid words of Kreyol.


Below you will find a group of English / Kreyol word list. Compiled over the years. This project slowed down after Google Translate started to feature Haitian Creole but we feel there is still room to improve our resources so stay tuned for more updates and improvements to our language services and Kreyol.Com.

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Q ~ Kreyol pronunciation ( Ky )

quadruple / kat fwa
quaint / dròl
quake / tranbleman tè
qualify / v. kalifye
quality / kalite
qualm / kèplen, noze
quantity / kantite
quarrel / batay, gouman
quarry / karyè
quart / anka, ka galon
quarter / katye (adj) onka
quash / kraze, toufe
queen / rèn
quench / etenn, tranpe
question / kesyon, (v) kesyone
quick / vit, rapid
quickly / vit
quiet / trankil
quilt / kouvèti, lenn
quit / kite, lage
quite / ase, anverite, tou
quiz / egzamen

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