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The ART of Hertz Nazaire

Nazaire's "1804" is Featured in the center page of the Book Below
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Book - Revolution 1804

revolution|revolisyon|révolution 1804–2004:
An Artistic Commemoration of the Haitian Revolution
Edited by Ella Turenne
Publisher Liv Lakay

With introductions from Edwidge Danticat, Cauvin L. Paul and Max Manigat

Including some of the most celebrated poets and visual artists in the world, revolution|revolisyon|révolution: 1804 – 2004: An Artistic Commemoration of the Haitian Revolution will mark the beginning of a year long celebration of Haiti’s independence.

Revolisyon\Revolution: 1804 - 2004: An Artistic Commemoration of the Haitian Revolution

Revolution Artist List

Cécile Accilien   Amir   Margaret Mitchell Armand
Roland Cherasard   James E. Cherry Jean Richard Coachy
Linda Cousins Franks Francois Deceus Rose-Marie Desruisseau
Fritz Duchiene Berthony Dupont Danielle Legros Georges
Hertz Nazaire Valentin Ivikel Préval Guerdy Jacques
Blondel Joseph Daphne Kernizon Doumasfils Lafontan
Paul Laraque Denizé Lauture Charlot Lucien
Elvire Maurourd Craig Anthony Miller Ulrick Jean Pierre
Edner Saint-Amour Barbara Sanon Patrick Sylvain
Carlo Thertus Tontongi Emmanuel Vedrine
Barbara Victome Marie Therese Viltus Jean Dominique Volcy

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