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Kreyol.Com has been online since December 2nd, 1999 - this site was created to promote the learning of Haitian Creole. To be honest the site was created because the webdesigner was afraid he would forget how to speak Haitian Creole if he did not collect some vocabulary over time. Join us in our journey to keep our Haitian Hearts burning with vivid words of Kreyol.


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Hello :) Welcome!

My name is Hertz Nazaire, or just Naz is cool.

I was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti (carrefour). I moved to the U.S. at very young age, but my culture is still a very strong factor in molding me as a person. I love Haiti very much and wanted to find a way to show my pride and share my heritage with others.

Although Haiti is seeb as one of the poorest countries on this earth, there are so much more that Haiti has given this world. Many of us still strive to overcome our struggles and make major impact in this world. Haitians have a strong and colorful history, all you have to do is explore the many links on this site to discover this.

Haiti Kreyol.Com was created in November, 1999 as a tool to keep in touch with my roots while providing small services to Haitians new to the net. The Haitian community online has grown larger since then. This site will serve as a hub to connect you to our peoples everywhere.

Being an artist I will publish many of my works on this site and use it as a personal online journal of what I'm up to, so please come back often to view the many updates on my art on my progress to become a better painter.

The Waiting Chair Project

Nearly 20 years now, and a very low budget and health struggles the site is still around. I hope I can keep working on Kreyol.Com for many years to come. I love to design and still have lots of goals for the future of this site.

Thanks again for visiting.

This is the 5th redesign of this site, so I hope you enjoy the new look. Please, share, like, and link this site and help us support Haiti and Haitian Culture on the web.

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- naz

zaboka means avocado
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