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beinvenue, welcome!

This is a new haitian community site please feel free to post ideas about anything you would like to see here.

I'm trying very hard to make this site one of the best designed and fun spots on the web.

I love the surfing the net and hanging out on all major haitian, african american, jamaican and caribbean sites... just look for naz or nazaire @ sakapfet, uhhp, haitian connection, fouye, blackplanet, haitizone...

We hope you will bookmark us (add haiti.nu to your favorites) and make us one of your stops online.

Haiti.nu est un site communautaire dédié à Haïti et aux Haïtiens qui vise la promotion de la culture haïtienne via l'Internet.

peace and blessings,

hertz nazaire - naz

our south florida haiti.nu rep.

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